Our Origins and Story

Firstly, the practice of learning a particular skill or vocation has been around since ancient time. It has been encouraged all over the world to help people and society live above the poverty level. In recent time, however, there is a major challenge most people who have been able to learn this vocational Skill Faces and that is the challenge of getting a shop in a particular location which are in most cases very expensive for startups.

Secondly, Customers needs comfort while this services are been rendered and most times the services are carried out in our home. So with this platform Artisans and skilled men will be able render services from their home and most times at the home of costumers to ensure the needed comfort.

It is with the desire to help these artisans and ensure optimal and profitable use of their skill and help customers get the needed Comfortability. The Team SERVICEWISE decided to create this platform. The platform is to give Artisan free online Shop and Give consumer easy access to Artisan near them who are readily available for home service at the fastest period of time.

CEO Enabulele Raphael Osazuwa.

Why Choose ServicesWise

Do you sit down feeling useless after years of learning a particular skill, you can't make profitable use of your skills because you don't have a Shop. If that is you, this platform is for you. All you need to do is Sign Up and upload a picture of your recent work, your house address, and a working phone number and get people to start calling you for the job. This is your free online Artisan Shop for all skill men.
Render your service wisely!.

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